What is Psychology of a child and Why Is It Important?

Child Psychology is a field of study which involves the mental, emotional and behavioural development of a child. It traces the entire journey of a child from infancy until the end of adolescence and studies their cognitive and intellectual development.


Why s It Important:

The early years of an individual’s life are crucial for their emotional, social and physical wellbeing. This has an overall impact on their personalities as an adult. Research says that the early years play a significant role in brain development too. A person’s early experiences both with their parents as well as with the outside world profoundly affect their future physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. Understanding the psychological needs of a child is not easy, but it needs to be done. Children at different stages of development behave in different ways. A child of 5 – 6 years will behave differently than an adolescent. Realising and accepting your child’s likes, dislikes, qualities like good or bad is the key to being a good parent. When you accept them just the way they are, they get a sense of security.

Physical Development:

which  is typically a predictable sequence of events if Your child holds their head up  rolls over, crawls, walks, and runs, in that order. Your Child Psychologist can aid your paediatrician in observing your child’s physical development, and if there are any abnormalities that could indicate developmental irregularities. Child Psychologists will observe your child’s progression toward the milestones of development to ensure that your child is physically developing normally. Major delays in physical development may reveal other underlying developmental issues that can then be addressed early on.

Cognitive Development:

The medical understanding of childhood cognitive development has greatly changed in  recent years. We now know that even new born babies are aware of their environment and are interested in it, even before they have the language to express that.

Cognitive development can be defined as intellectual learning and thought processes of a child. It includes the observation and understanding of the world around them, language learning, memory, decision-making, problem-solving, how the child uses their imagination, and how the child uses basic reasoning. All of these factors are influenced by a child’s genetics and environment.

Social emotional development represents a specific domain of adult development. It is a gradual, integrative process through which children need the capacity to understand, experience, express, and manage emotions and to develop meaningful relationships with others. As such, social emotional development encompasses a large range of skills and constructs, including, but not limited to self-awareness, joint attention, and play, theory of mind, self-esteem, emotion regulation, friendships, and identity development. Many mental health disorders, including major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, borderline personality disorder, substance use disorders, and eating disorders, can be conceptualized through the lens of social emotional development, most prominently emotion regulation. Many of the core symptoms of autism spectrum disorder reflect abnormalities in social emotional developmental areas, including joint attention and theory of mind.

How can a Child Psychologist Help?

Child Psycho-therapists can help in a lot of ways. They are well trained to help children with family problems, issues at school, health-related problems, and difficult relationships. They also specialize in helping children with disorders like ADHD, Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, etc. Child Psycho-therapists also work on the development of a child’s mental health and focus on their overall development cognitive, social, emotional and linguistic. Childhood is a very important phase in our life A bad childhood could have a negative impact on the individual’s adulthood as well. and also  awareness of your child’s personality is an essential part of parenting. Only if you know your child well will you be able to focus on his talents and positives which in turn will give him a well-rounded personality in the years to come.

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