The Art of Nursing

about-02Nursing is an art of care, it means as a Nurse, they can have the opportunity to heal the heart, mind, soul and body of patients, and their families. Nurses save hundreds of lives with an art of love, affection and care. Actually nurses evaluate patient’s health problems, needs and provide nursing care to ill, injured, convalescing, and disabled patients. And they educate patients, and the public about various medical conditions. They also assist with patient follow-up and rehabilitation and provide advice and emotional support to the patients’ family members too.

Nurses are using both of their heads and hearts. Each day, they utilize critical thinking to make correct decisions and select the best care solutions to provide for their patients. They employ their compassionate side to understand their patients and will often use their knowledge of the sciences in the application of treatments. Nursing is not only art but both an art and a science and in nursing profession, art and science one can’t exist without the other.

The art of nursing is our perception of patient needs based on their expressed behaviors. Unlike scientific knowledge, art doesn’t rely on systematic explanations to make solutions; instead, the focus is on how experiences feel and what they are mean. Nurses will connect with patients during care and is completely reliant upon being genuine, attentive, and immersed in the moment with patients. The nurse’s has to practice the skill of active listening and encourage communication that draws attention to patient, family, and community values.

Nurses don’t have to give up their art in order to practice the science of nursing. The science provides the solutions while good art asks questions. The combination of these two doesn’t present a paradox but simply raises new questions. As they perform the tasks of their jobs, let’s not forget to express the artistic side of nursing.

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