Solar urticaria in infancy : Affects 2% of children who are exposed to the sun


Solar urticaria is triggered by sun exposure resulting on exposed skin. Most cases are reported in the adult population. However, cases do occur in children. Solar urticaria in infancy has been rarely reported.

How common is sun allergy?

Solar urticaria is a rare allergy that occurs around the world. It can affect you at any age. It can even affect infants.

Solar urticaria is a rare photodermatosis characterized by pruritus, stinging, erythema, and wheal formation after a brief period of exposure to natural sunlight or an artificial light source emitting the appropriate wavelength. Photosensitivity disorders in children include a wide array of conditions, many of which are unique to this age group. A dermatologist’s consultation is essential in such cases for specific instructions and counselling of parents regarding photo protection in these children. This intervention may improve the quality of life by reducing the morbidity and chances of early mortality.

Treatment of solar Urticaria

  • Use of antihistamines and sun protection with appropriate clothing and sunscreen. A minority of patients would not respond to these measures.
  • Solar urticaria may present at the first year of life. Accurate diagnosis is crucial to avoid unnecessary testing and to manage patients appropriately. If diagnosed properly such patients can be adequately treated and continue to enjoy activities outside. Sometimes it will disappear on its own.2

    How can you help prevent solar urticaria flare-ups?

    There are some things you can do to prevent or reduce risk for solar urticaria:

    Limit sun exposure

    Consider phasing in during outdoor time

    Wearing closely woven clothes with maximum coverage

    Wearing clothing with UPF protection factor greater than 403

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