Nanotechnology, a therapeutic strategy for Oral cancer

8More than a decade ago, Nanotechnology became an integral part of the scientific research world. Oral squamous cell carcinoma is the sixth most common cancers, one of the malignant diseases with the worst survival rates. Despite the fact that great progress has been made in diagnosis and therapy of cancer, the survival rate for oral cancers has not been improved, still remaining at approx. rate of 50%. Though many strategies are being employed for treatment of oral cancer, the eventual goal to cure cancer still remains elusive.

Nanotechnology is very diverse field that has revolutionized the industry and new methods of Nano engineered materials are being developed. New trends have been setted in the management of oral cancer which might be effective in detecting the disease at an early treatable stage. The use of optical nanoparticles provides efficient drug delivery to tumor cells. The application of nanotechnology in cancer diagnosis and treatment, promises to have a profound impact on health care. of using nanomaterial’s as a carrier for anticancer drugs adds advantage because of its targeted delivery to the tumor, and their ability to bind thousands of molecules of a drug and deliver them to the required site and to overcome issues  of solubility and stability.

A new area of science that possesses the ability to impact radiation oncology in Oral cancer is Nano medicine. These Nano scaled materials provide many unique properties such as enhanced permeability and retention effect and superparamagnetism that are well suited for applications in radiation oncology.  Overall, nanotechnology-based drug delivery is an attractive form of treatment that has great therapeutic potential in the case of oral oncology.

Dentistry Medicine 2019 scheduled to be held in Malaysia in the month of November 18-19, 2019 paves way for development in this area further raising opportunities for the oncologist, researchers and pharmaceutical scientists, Dental Surgeons. This meet would summarize the clinical findings and patents on various oral anticancer drugs for effective pharmacotherapeutics.

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