Is Pediatric Psychology Related to Behavior and Mind?

Psychology is that the scientific study of the mind and behavior. Psychology includes the study of acutely aware and unconscious phenomena, moreover as feeling and thought. Psychology could be a varied discipline and includes several sub-fields of study such areas as human.


Pediatric psychological science is multidisciplinary field of clinical follow and analysis that shows psychological aspects of malady, injury, and the promotion of health behaviors in children, adolescents, Psychological issues are addressed in a organic process framework and emphasize the dynamic relationships that exist between kids, their families

Pediatric psychological science is associate degree integrated field of science and follow within which the principles of psychological science square measure applied among the atmosphere of paediatric health.

Common areas of study embrace psychosocial development, environmental factors that contribute to the event of a disorder, outcomes of youngsters with medical conditions, treating the comorbid activity and emotional elements of illness and injury, and promoting proper health behaviors, developmental disabilities, educating psychologists and other health professionals on the psychological aspects of pediatric conditions, and advocating for public policy that promotes children’s healh.

Keywords: Neonatologist, pediatrician, pediatric dentistry, psychology, , depression, anxiety, , disorder, abnormal behavior, clinical psychology, psychiatry, unconscious, functionalism

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