Is Novel Drug Delivery System responsible for the Enhanced Drug Delivery?


Novel Drug Delivery System comprising the methods namely

  • Transdermal Drug Delivery system
  • Carrier Based Drug delivery system

Both the methods have been a revolution in the field of drug delivery and distribution. The aspects like bio availability of the drug to the body and specificity of the target in body has been optimized by the improvements and discoveries made in the field of novel drug delivery system.

Targeted drug delivery system has been the major motto of the NDDS from the very start of the subject inclusion as an result many wonders are been discovered year by year which are leading to the optimized and enhanced mechanism of drug distribution and delivery with specificity in the target

Transdermal Drug Delivery System

|| Sonophoresies

  • Mucoadhesive Delivery System
  • Supramolecular Delivery System
  • Variable Release Delivery System

|| Osmatic Pump

|| Microencapsulation

Transdermal Drug delivery system has been the major aspect to be discussed that had given the release from administration of pain killers which is leading to drug abuse. The transdermal drug delivery patches has been the major development which later have been used not only as pain killers or analgesics but also many other targeted drug administrations.

Pros: No dose dumping, No internal administration, no drug drug interactions

Cons: Dermal infections.

Carrier Based Drug Delivery System

|| Liposomes

|| Nanoparticles

|| Microspheres

|| Resealed Erythrocytes

|| Monoclonal Antibodies

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