Is it harmful to EAT before bedtime?

2Eating late nights is never ideal, but sometimes you don’t have any choice especially when your day is like a marathon. There are many studies on whether eating before sleep will boost up the metabolism or will increase the fat level in the body. This is all depended on what you eat before going on the bed.

If you have heavy meals with lot of carbs then this initially leads to fat deposition and may leads to cardiovascular problems. Having a low energy food will help in regulating the sugar levels in the blood and also help you with good sleep and leave you waking up hungry in the morning.

Eating lean protein, whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and having handful of nuts will always be a better choice. In the same way warm milk, crackers can help to drift you off to sleep; the sugar content in them will hit the serotonin in the brain and can aid us to sleep. Even an apple, a bit of almond butter, a piece of sweet potato or something simple and clean,

Full meals before going on to the bed can be harmful as it can cause weight gain and heartburns which will disturb the sleep. In the same way sleeping with the empty stomach can also disturb your sleep so eating at least two hours before the bed is good for your tummy. For women it will be beneficial to eat every 3-4 hours for stable blood sugar and hormone production.

It’s important to eat enough during the day so you aren’t catching up on calories at night. Having water or tea help you to do something with your hands and keep you hydrated and therefore less hungry. Your metabolism slows down, so nighttime is the slowest time for your digestion. Coming to metabolism it drops 10% to 15% during the night and can even reach a 35% decrease during your deepest sleep cycles. Finally mindlessly eating before bed can be harmful to your body.

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