How Laser Therapy Will Look?

A laser is a device. Laser is used for optical amplification which radiates light through a method of based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. The term laser originated for light amplification by stimulated emission of radioactivity.3.laser.

 A laser varies from other sources of light in that it emits light which is comprehensible. Spatial coherence allows a laser to be absorbed to a tight spot, empowering applications such as laser cutting and lithography. Three-dimensional coherence also allows a laser beam to stay narrow over great distances, enabling applications such as laser pointers and lidar.

Lasers can also have high progressive coherence, which permits them to emit light with a very narrow spectrum. They can emit a single color of light. Instead, temporal coherence can be used to produce pulses of light with a broad spectrum but intervals as short as a femtosecond

Lasers are also used in DNA sequencing instruments, optical laser printers, fiber-optic, barcode scanners, disk drives, and free-space optical communication, laser surgery and skin treatments, cutting and welding materials, armed and law enforcement devices for marking targets and measuring speed and range, and in laser lighting displays for entertainment. They have been used for luxury cars as car headlamps, by using a blue laser and a phosphor to produce highly directional white light

During the many medical procedures lasers are used. A strong beam of light used to destroy, burn and cut tissue.The laser beam is so small and specific; it helps the health care providers to treat tissue safely without injuring the surrounding area.

Same risk can be seen in laser treatment as open surgery, including scarring, pain, bleeding but in Laser recovery time for laser surgery is usually faster than recovery of open surgery.
LASER- Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.

Lasers is used to Repair a detached retina of the eye, Improve vision, Remove Tumours and Kidney Stones and prostate, Treat skin surgery, Treat varicose veins. It is used during Skin Surgery.

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