Does Vegetarians Suffer from Obesity?

obesity-young-adult2Vegetarian diets may play a significant role in promoting health and in the prevention of obesity. Vegetarianism encompasses a range of eating patterns that are diets which leave out all animal products as well as meat to diets that include milk, eggs, fishes and milk products. A previous study has indicated that BMI increases when a wider range of animal products like meat or eggs are eaten. Specifically, the European Prospective Investigation found that BMI was highest in meat eaters, lowest in vegans, and was found to at intermediate level in fish eaters. The positive effects of vegetarian against overweight is may be due to restraining major food groups, shifting of calories toward food groups that are more fuller effect.

Research shows that cutting down on meat and switching to a diet rich in fruit and vegetables lowers the risk of obesity. People who prefer a diet heavy in meat, eggs, dairy and animal fats  are obese than the people who eat around double the amount of fruit and vegetables, grains, pulses, olive oil and who enjoy potatoes.

Professor Maira Bes-Rastrollo, from the University of Navarra in Spain, recently presented the study at the European Congress on Obesity in Porto. She claimed that plant-based foods contains more fibre and helped people feel fuller for longer thus preventing obesity.

Doubtlessly, plant based diets, especially vegans, have lower BMIs in general. Studies have proven that, on average, meat eaters are nine times the obesity rate of vegans. Vegans are 10-20 pounds less on average.

In one of the case study, it was found that the ubiquity of overweight was 40% among omnivores, 29% among both semivegetarians and vegans, and 25% among lactovegetarians.

Weight loss success is achieved only when the food choices reflect an overall decrease in calories taken and a corresponding increase in calories spent. These choices are referred to food and drink as well as the calorie expenditure.  But the good news is that turning vegetarian in a healthful way can help an individual to achieve this goal and keep obesity off long-term.

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