Do you think Immunity is Important for Decreasing spread of Diseases?


Basically Disease spreading pathogens need needs susceptible people to spread from one person to another person, where as everybody in a community can’t be more immune to be prevented from the disease spreading pathogens so if a high enough proportion of individuals in a community are immune the majority immune people will protect the few susceptible people. In this way immunity can have an impact on spread of diseases to one and another in a community and having a chance of breaking the chain of spreading diseases.

What is the importance of immunity?

Immune System, The system that is created of special cells, proteins, tissues, and organs, defends individuals against germs and microorganisms on a daily basis. In most cases, the system will do a good job of keeping individuals healthy and preventing infections. The main purpose of immune system is to safeguard your body from viruses and microorganism, this typically works well however will cause issues if your systemcause issues if your system incorrectly classifies a number of your own cells and attacks them instead. There are types of immunity so called Adaptive immunity – in these two types of immunities take place they are: Passive immunity and Active Immunity whereas immunity occurred due to passage of antibodies from one person to another is called passive immunity For an example through transfusion and Active immunity involves two types of white blood cells – T Cells & B

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