Do egg allergies affected ones are safe to use Influenza vaccine?

Flu-vaccine-and-egg-allergyEgg allergy:

One of the most common allergy-causing foods for children is eggs. Usually we find symptoms and signs ranging from mild to severe and can include skin rashes, hives, nasal congestion, and vomiting or other digestive problems after eating eggs or foods containing eggs a few minutes to a few hours. Medications such as antihistamines may reduce signs and symptoms of a mild egg allergy as these drugs are taken after exposure to eggs but they aren’t effective for treating a severe reaction or preventing an allergic egg reaction.

Eggs in vaccines:

As per several types of the seasonal flu (influenza) vaccine contain small amounts of egg protein. No one with an egg allergy should receive the nasal spray version of the flu vaccine according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); also you shouldn’t get your flu shot at a drugstore or a supermarket pharmacy if you are allergic to eggs.

A flu vaccine should be given by injection which is safe for most egg-allergic people to deal with potential adverse effects, including anaphylaxis as long as it is equipped in a medical office. An injected flu vaccine (the recombinant vaccine) which does not contain any egg protein is approved for use in people ages 18 to 49. Yellow fever is most commonly found in parts of Africa and South America; which also contains egg protein. And hence both the World Health Organization and CDC state that a severe egg allergy is a contraindication for that vaccine.

Egg Allergy Management and Treatment:

  • Eating eggs is the best way to avoid egg allergy.
  • Food labels must be read and should be habituated in usage of alternatives with eggs recipes.
  • As some flu vaccines and the yellow fever vaccines contain egg protein in varying amounts it should be informed to the respective health care providers about your egg allergy and care should be taken.

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