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Keep Your Child Healthy

mom giving homogenized food to her daughter on high chair. Horizontal shapeNeonatal nutrition is crucial, particularly to promote growth and sustain the physical requirements at the various stages of a child’s development within the first couple weeks of life. Breastfeeding and complementary feeding have vital ingredients that don’t seem to be found in any infant formula, to build the baby’s immune system. Neonatal/ Pediatric biological process desires vary significantly with age, level of activity, and environmental conditions which are directly associated with the speed of growth.

Children feel better when they eat well. Nutritional problems greatly fall into two categories, inadequate intake and unbalanced intake of meals or a specific dietary component. Such education is more efficient utilization of handy meals and economic resources to provide nutritious diets and higher care for the most vulnerable groups. In recent sectors of society the place illnesses of affluence are taking an increasing toll, nutrition education have to be directed to ideal meals selection, consumption and lifestyle.

Tips for Healthy Feeding

  • Habit for Healthy Foods: Children feel better when they eat well. So feed them with solid alternatives incorporate crisp vegetables and organic products, low-fat dairy items (drain, yogurt, cheeses) or dairy substitutes, lean proteins (beans, chicken, turkey, angle, lean burger, tofu, eggs), and entire grain oats and bread.
  • Don’t anticipate cleaning their plates: Serve proper segment sizes, however don’t anticipate that your tyke should dependably eat everything served. Stunningly better, let kids pick their very own part sizes. It is alright if youngsters don’t eat everything on their plates. At this age, they ought to figure out how to know when they are full. Some four-year-olds may at present be fastidious eaters. Guardians can urge their youngsters to attempt new sustenance’s; however they ought not to weight eating.
  • Sit together: Serve sustenance’s at normal dinner and bite times. Youngsters who are eating or “touching” for the duration of the day may not be ravenous at eating times, when more beneficial sustenance’s will in general be accessible. When it is feast or bite time, kill the TV, and eat together at the table. This makes a quiet domain for eating.
  • Avoid sugary beverages: Another parent job is to restrict what amount handled beverages is in the house and to restrain junk food. Sugary beverages incorporate soft drink, juice drinks, lemonade, sweet tea, and sports drinks. Sugary beverages can prompt depressions and unfortunate weight gain
  • Teach social graces: At this age, kid ought to be prepared to learn fundamental social graces. By age four, the person will never again grasp the fork or spoon in his or her clench hand and have the capacity to hold them like a grown-up. With your assistance, the person in question can start learning the best possible utilization of a table blade. You can likewise show other social graces, for example, not conversing with a full mouth, utilizing a napkin, and not coming to over someone else’s plate. Your kid will watch to perceive how whatever remains of the family is acting and pursue their lead. It’s less demanding to create social graces on the off chance that you have a family custom of eating together. Make something like one supper daily a unique and wonderful family time. Have your kid set the table or help in some other route in setting up the feast.

A serious outburst in tropical countries

Protect Your Child from Dengue3

What is Dengue?

Dengue is a viral infection spread by mosquitoes. It’s widespread in many parts of the world

These mosquitoes bite most often early in the morning or in the early evening. You can get it again if you’ve had it before, as you’ll only be immune to one variant of the virus.

How it effects?

Infected mainly through a bite from Aedes aegypti mosquito

This mosquito feeds and breeds in small man-made articles that contain water, rests inside buildings. 4

Dengue is caused by any one of four types of dengue viruses. When a mosquito bites a person infected with a dengue virus, the virus enters the mosquito. When the infected mosquito bites another person, the virus now enters healthy person’s bloodstream


A common symptom in more severe cases is loss of platelets. In most people the infection is mild without causing any lasting problems. But in rare cases it can be potentially life threatening.

Why loss of platelets?

The virus infects cells of the human immune system, leading to symptoms that include liver damage and loss of white blood cells.

This is because of the following:

Dengue suppresses bone marrow which is the platelet-producing area, leading to decreased platelet count. Blood cells affected by dengue virus damage platelets, leading to their drastic fall in numbers. Antibodies produced in dengue also lead to massive destruction of platelets.6


There’s no specific treatment or widely available vaccine for dengue. Treatment is rest, plenty of fluids and paracetamol for pain. Dengue usually resolves in one to two weeks. Especially in babies and young children, dengue may progress to dengue haemorrhagic fever.7

Best Foods to Recover from Dengue Fever

Papaya- Papaya leaves are the best option to go for

Broccoli -Excellent source of Vitamin K which helps to regenerate blood platelets.

Pomegranate- rich in essential nutrients and minerals that provides the body with required energy.

Can papaya leaves cure dengue?

Many health experts suggest papaya leaf juice as an effective remedy to treat dengue fever. The leaf extract increases platelet counts in the patients suffering from dengue.8

Acetogenin is a compound found in Papaya leaves have strong anti-malarial properties, making them best to cure dengue fever and malaria and Dengue

Don’t forget Chikungunya and Zika

Dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya are all carried by the pesky Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Is there any vaccine available for Dengue?

In 2016 a partially effective vaccine for dengue fever (Dengvaxia) became commercially available in 11 countries: Mexico, the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Guatemala, Peru, Thailand, and Singapore.

Sanofi’s vaccine designed to coax the body’s immune system into making antibodies against all the four forms of dengue.

How can we keep safe from dengue?

  • Personal protection and the environmental management of mosquitoes
  • Apply mosquito repellent, ideally one containing DEET
  • Cover your arms and legs by wearing long-sleeves and long pants
  • Use mosquito nets while sleeping

Over and over, nature shows that it’s a tough adversary. That’s why it’s important that we invest in laboratories, disease detectives, research, mosquito control, the public health system around the world to find, stop, track, prevent health threats.

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