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Trends in Medical Tourism

medMedical Tourism is the one of the fastest growing segments in the healthcare industry globally. The desire to visit a new place and enjoy the sights while being treated has boosted the growth of medical tourism. Treatments for cardiovascular ailments, cancer, orthopedic procedures, dentistry, reproductive problems, cosmetic surgery, complete health screening including scans, ultrasound etc are available at very cheap rates in countries which cater to medical tourists.

List of Countries Providing Affordable Healthcare

India, China and Singapore are the leaders in medical tourism segments in Asia-pacific region. Thailand and Malaysia are also providing good healthcare and many tourists clubs for medical treatments while travelling to these countries. But other countries such as South Africa, Egypt, Chile, Brazil and Ecuador regions are slowly becoming desired medical tourism countries.

Basic Medical Tourism Terminology

  • Health Tourism
  • Medical Journeys
  • Global Healthcare
  • Medical Tourism
  • Digital Tourism
  • Patient care Tourism

Benefits of medical tourism

  • High savings
  • High quality treatment
  • Travel opportunity
  • World class facilities
  • Access to latest technology
  • Trends to innovative procedures


Medical tourism has ease and comfort ability and also to meet the technology and standards of many countries. It also provides an alternative for millions of people to receive affordable and accessible medical services from developing countries.

The Rise of Medical Tourism in Developed Countries

The conviction of travelling outside of the U.S  for health care would possibly sound absurd to several Americans. After all, why on earth would we tend to visit a developing country for medical treatment after we live in one of the richest countries in the world? The reality is, while American health care prices continue to rise, one thing quite spectacular is happening in different parts of the globe: the prices are going down and the quality of care is going up.

In India, for instance, the critically acclaimed Narayana Hrudayalaya heart hospital offers cardiac surgeries from $5,000- $7,000. The identical surgery in the US would cost a patient upwards of $50,000. And as so much as different medical procedures are involved, in Costa Rica, a knee replacement surgery will cost a patient around $23,000. However, the identical surgery, obtained in the US will cost anywhere from $35,000-$60,000.


But it’s not simply the affordable prices that are appealing to foreign health care customers. In Costa Rica, for instance, the facilities are so pristine, several offer spa services and even offer a private caretaker to each of its patients while they recover.

But India and Costa Rica are simply two such examples of popular destinations for medical tourism. Countries like Brazil provide medical services at rates 20-30 % cheaper than the US. And in Singapore, health care prices are 25-40 % less costly than in America. It’s no wonder, then, that these countries have become popular destinations for medical tourists. In fact, medical tourism is becoming so popular, it’s attracting customers from all corners of the world.

In 2016 alone, over 1.4 million Americans left the U.S with the specific purpose of seeking cheaper medical aid abroad. Canada and European countries also are seeing a flow of people selecting to travel internationally in search of cheaper treatment. According to an analysis conducted by IPK International, 3-4 % of the global population travels abroad for health care. However, all this sounds nearly too sensible to be true. It looks nearly impossible to believe that less-developed countries might provide quality care at a fraction of the value.