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Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine

Neonatology is related to paediatrics care, especially care of new-born ill infants. It is a sub speciality for newborn baby’s, it completely hospital-based treatment for newborn infants. Neonatologists are the doctors and they are paediatric specialists, expertise to treating those born prematurely or new-born infants. Usually, it is completely practiced in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs).

Maternal-Fetal Medicine is a specialized treatment for pregnant women or pregnant women with chronic health problems. An ObGyn physician, Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists are works to keep the woman as healthy as possible while her body changes and her baby grows. And also they took care taking care for women who are facing unexpected problems that are bleeding early labor, high blood pressure.



In the year of 1898 Dr. Joseph DeLee was established the first premature infant incubator station in Chicago, Illinois. In 1931 Dr A Robert Bauer was invented the first incubator to combine Oxygen and heat, as well as humidity. In 1975 the American Board of paediatrics established the sub-board certification for neonatology.

Maternal-fetal medicine began in 1960. In to this Advances in research and technology allowed physicians treating and diagnose fetal complications in utero, obstetricians could only rely on heart rate monitoring and they gave reports of fetal movement.

Spectrum of care

Neonatologists are focus on the care of newborns who are required Intensive Care Unit (NICUs) hospitalization. They also act as general paediatricians, providing well new-born evaluation and care in the hospital where they are based.