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HUMAN ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGYHuman Anatomy and Physiology is the combined discipline to explore the human systems structural arrangement and their mandatory functions. Human Anatomy is the study of the morphology of Human beings. It describes the structural alignment of human body parts. Human Physiology is nothing but the study of biological functions of the human body. The study of human body involves Cell-Biology-study of cell structure and functions, Histology-Study of tissues and their types, Embryology-study of the embryo which is an unborn or un-hatched offspring. In this manner, many minute structures unite to balance the Homeostasis of the human body which is the optimum range of sugar and oxygen levels in the human blood.

Anatomy involves the study of body parts from cell to histological state. Each body part is an assembly of the infinite number of cells that joins together to form tissues, the infinite number of tissues combines to form organs, and those organs form systems that ultimately forms an organisms which we called as living being i.e., Humans. The different systems of Human Body are Circulatory system-Heart, Digestive system-Stomach, Endocrine system-Endocrine glands, Lymphatic system-lymphatic nodes, Musculoskeletal system-Muscles attached to bones, Nervous system-Brain, Reproductive system-Male and Female Reproductive Organs, Respiratory system-Lungs, and Urinary system-Kidneys.

Physiology reveals how human body parts perform their activities i.e., body functions. These functions involve physical, mechanical, biochemical, bioelectrical and metabolic functions for healthy existence of the individual. Each system is responsible to maintain the Homeostasis conditions of the body through their characteristics secretions like the lymph-lymphatic system, neurotransmitters via nerve impulses-Nervous system, Hormones-Endocrine system, maintenance of Blood pressure through the pumping-Circulatory system, breathing and gaseous exchange-Respiratory System, energy supply and strength-digestive system, Bone strength and stature musculoskeletal system.

The study of human anatomy and physiology help for diagnosing and treating the diseased conditions and disorders after the attack or in initial stages through characteristics symptoms. In Pharmaceutical studies, Human Anatomy and Physiology has a major role to explore the drug effect by comparing the regular nature and functions of body parts with respect to pre and post-administration conditions.