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Head and Neck Surgery

15Types of surgery – Head and Neck Cancer

  • eHNS
  • Transoral Laser Microsurgery (TLM)
  • Transoral Laser Microsurgery (TLM)
  • Endoscopic Thyroid and Neck Surgery
  • Robotic Thyroidectomy
  • Minimally Invasive Video-Assisted Thyroidectomy (MIVAT)
  • Endoscopic Skull Base Tumor Surgery

eHNS - stands for Endoscopic head and neck surgery, it is a dynamic approach which allows the surgeons to remove the tumors with the use of a specialized endoscopes and cameras without any external incisions and with little or no change in speech, appearance and swallowing function.

Endoscope is a long and thin tube with special lighting and has a narrow lens using which the surgeon can view the organs and tissues present inside the body. The endoscope is inserted through mouth in throat cancer case and with the help of the microscope the tumor is imaged and utilizing extremely exact, state-of-the-art surgical instruments that are embedded through the mouth, the specialist can perform the operation without an external incision.

eHNS has a few focal points which are advantageous they are:

  • Reduced risk of blood loss
  • Lower pain levels
  • Minimizes the stay at a hospital
  • Recovery time is minimized and can return back to normal diet
  • Less scarring, with enhanced cosmetic appearance

In few cases, eHNS may lessen or even wipe out the requirement for chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The objective with eHNS is dependably the same: to eliminate tumor while limiting the risks and quick recovery related with conventional malignancy care.

Chemotherapy or radiation therapy may still be vital after eHNS. When chemotherapy and radiation therapy can’t be avoided through surgery, eHNS still hold focal points for patients. Quicker recuperation after eHNS implies patients can usually start chemotherapy and radiation therapy earlier. The smaller

Incisions with eHNS heal more quickly than larger and minimal changes of infection.

Two types of eHNS, transoral robotic surgery (TORS) and transoral laser CO2microsurgery (TLM), have changed the treatment for throat cancer.

Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS)

Robotic head and neck surgery is a different procedure that offers the advantages of computer technology, specialized surgical instruments and advanced three-dimensional imaging.

The da Vinci ® system is a highly specialized surgical system. The video camera is held with four robotic arms and three tiny surgical instruments. The robotic arms are controlled by the surgeon from a computerized operating console, inserting them into the patient’s body through slender tubes and then performing the operation. The entire operation is viewed by the surgeon on a large screen.

This system eliminated even very small hand tremors during the surgery

It is the only surgical robot approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is most often used for prostate surgery.