Can Hep C be transmitted from mother to fetus?


Hepatitis implies irritation of the liver. At the point when the virus effects the liver became inflamed and cause severe infections, its capacity can be influenced. Substantial liquor utilizes, poisons, a few solutions, and certain medicinal conditions would all be able to cause hepatitis. Notwithstanding, hepatitis is frequently caused by an infection.

Most ladies wind up pregnant amid the years about 20 and 40, which is additionally the age gather in which the frequency of hepatitis C disease is rising generally rapidly. Any lady with hazard factors for hepatitis C, (for example, introduction to transfusions, polluted needles, or infused sedate utilize) ought to be screened for hepatitis C previously and amid pregnancy. The risk of a pregnant women passing the hepatitis C infection to her unborn baby /child has been identified with the levels of quantitative RNA levels in her blood, and whether she is likewise HIV positive.

The danger of transmission to the newborn child is less (0 to 18%) if the mother is HIV negative and, in the event, that she has no history of Intravenous medication utilize or of blood transfusions. Transmission of the infection to the embryo is most astounding in ladies with hepatitis C RNA titer more prominent than 1 million duplicates/ml Moms without hepatitis C RNA levels recognized did not transmit hepatitis C disease to their newborn children. There is no preventive treatment as of now that can impact the rate of transmission of the infection from mother to baby.

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